» » The interview of the director of “Ganja automobile factory” Production Association Kamran Nazarov to the known journal printed in Azerbaijan “The Business year”.
The interview of the director of “Ganja automobile factory” Production Association Kamran Nazarov to the known journal printed in Azerbaijan “The Business year”.

The interview of the director of “Ganja automobile factory” Production Association Kamran Nazarov to the known journal printed in Azerbaijan “The Business year”.Question: How well do you estimate the activity of “Ganja automobile factory”Production Association in 2013? How well was developed the production and selling last year?

It was more widened of its activity in compare of these years, both productioned techniques in quantity and is being striked of its modification have been changed.

So if in 2012 during 12 months on average has been productioned 599 different tractors, in 2013 this number was increased till 739.

It is sufficiently can speak that especially appointment tractors have been collected 230 MAZ automobiles last year, and in compare with 2012 year more than 63 automobiles.

Besides it the numbers of the pendant equipments will be productioned in differences. If in 2012 has been productioned 504 different models of pendant equipments, in 2013 this number increased till 202, formed 706.

It was made of use 22 tractors harnesses collecting on the main Haller communal automobiles on the 3 sides of the main contract last year.

Question: You have noted in your last interview that the talks to Belarusian company AMKODOR and you want to realize the company produces in Azerbaijan.

Besides it there are planning to collect MAZ busses intertown and town.

How is going these negotiations?

Yes in 2012 summer has been signed a memorandum between“Ganja automobile factory”Production Association and AMKODOR holding (Belarussia).

There are indented to produce by this document the equipment for the joint realization of the project, road-building, communal, snow-cleaner, aerodrome, wood, agriculture and other special technique.

There are being searching works on marketing either for the mass production in Azerbaijan market or in the countries now. Are the collecting of MAZ automobiles also carried on?

During the official visit Belarusian head MinistryMichailMyasnikovich to Ganja he has got to know also about the discussing of this theme. It has been finished the collecting of two busses in Ganja automobile plant by experiment. As you know that the kind of transport of MAZ automobiles have differences in their parameters in compare of another automobiles. So, these busses have got a soft and comfortable in many functions.

These automobiles for all category of people.

Having conspicuoused of its comfort, Invalid busses and for their moving has been specialized at all. There are a lot of conditions for the handcart invalids from the pavement catch into the bus, special places into snatching for the invalids.

Besides it for the getting on and down the children and old-men from busses have been into consideration necessary comfort. That`s why I consider that the collecting of MAZ busses can be realized in Azerbaijan the recent fine.

Question: What kind of new models, are planning to collect “Ganja automobile factory”Production Association and what are there new collaborations?

Since 2014 “Ganja automobile factory”up to now in the direction “from small to big does right steps” on the main of a right motto puts a new signature. The collecting of different kind of 18 tractors, MAZ automobiles, tractor harness, DCM excavators, MUP, asphalt cutter, snow-cleaner are being done in our administration now. For the communal wastes are made in a capacity 21 cube meter automobiles already 2 years, the collecting of different MAZ automobiles realized last year.

2014 in the directions of these works will be carried out the collecting of different new modifications.

There are being intended for the for the heavy tonnage truck-harnesses the collecting of different automobiles in a MAZ special roentgen compartments. Besides it there are intended a high transportation of the silos,the wastes transportation of the tinned food factory, 3 unloading`s sides for the collecting of tractor harnesses.

There is planned to collect the techniques for the cleanness works other automobiles for the intertown communal wastes in accordance with agreement of the collaboration join Azerbaijan – German – Belarusian.

It was signed a new agreement between “Ganja automobile factory”Production Association and German “Kirchhoff group” in the year of this month.

On the base of this join collaborations the collecting of the techniques will be possible to realize for the third countries in Azerbaijan administration. The localize of the production of the technique in an important degree (60-70%)will be widened recent years in Ganja.

Question: The automobile plant is situated in peninsula remote of Absheron in the second city of Azerbaijan – Ganja.

How can influence your administration for the development and the region process of Ganja?

“Ganja automobile factory”Production Association is one of the biggest activity production administration in the region. There are working over 800 workers. If we consider that our region is agrarian and note that the production on the area are the direction of the agricultural techniques, so it can say, that we have already answered for this question.

So it may say that we can see the advice of our administration for Ganja and around them in all agrarian activity areas of every regions of our country.

On the base of contract signed betweenAgrolizing state company the agricultural techniques are in all regions.

The administration realizes also services for the techniques and this is an important for the farmers and workers. “Ganja automobile factory”Production Association day-by-day becomes nice and participated actively in the development of our city. Besides it there is being done repair constructed works in the territory of our plant the living places in the balance of the factory, kind garden, services for the citizen living in the hotel.

Question: Does your administration provide with the different techniques of transport sector including agriculture of the city? What requirements in the production of the technique are bigger?

As I notted in above Azerbaijan is agrarian country. On the terms of dropping out MAZ automobiles in our administration there are in main productioned agrarian techniques.

That`s why there are the requirments of all techniques and productioned tractors and pendant equipments and also other techniques are greeted on the side of farmers and workers positively.

The production special MAZ automobiles are collected on the basisorder of the state in our country.

Besides it collected tractors and pendant equipments are collected on the main of agreement with Agrolizing state company. Besides it local farmers and workers interested of the productioned techniques closely in our administration.

Question: The head state IlhamAliyev was announced 2014 year “Industrial year” in Azerbaijan. How is going to give your advice to the development of the industry in “Ganja automobile factory”Production Association.

As you know under the chairman of Mr. President IlhamAliyev to the Ministry Cabinet for the development in a social-economic annual 2013 year in the devoted meeting, the head given to the corresponding organizations for 2014 year, and announced it on “Industrial year”.

President IlhamAliyev emphasized an importance for the successes last years and carried on 2014 year for the extension programs of investment, keeping constant of macro-economic, continued state support business and economic reforms and keeping constant degree of inflation.

The head of state gave corresponding tasks and instructions in connection with the payment of internal opportunities of the requirements main food products of the country where he considers that one of the most important extension for the carring measures of amelioration and irrigation works, establishment of bigger farmer agriculture and for the agriculture buying new technologies and continues the segregation of the resourses for them and finishing the ground fund accounting.

It`s really that “Ganja automobile factory”Production Association decisions of these tasks will try to give its recommendations.

If we consider especial emphasized Mr.Prezident for the priority of the development of the agriculture and if we notice that our administration is as a main production area in this direction we can say that our factory in Azerbaijan is a place of the development of agrarian sector of our administration.

As I noted above our plant is produces the different models of tractors and pendant equipments on the basis of agreement signed between our state order for the special MAZ automobiles and Agrolizing state company. Only in this year there are planned to produce on the basis of the state order 900 tractors, 6000 pendant equipments, 300 tractor harnesses, transportation of silos, wastes of canneries it is mean 3 produce 3 suspender tractor harnesses.

Question: Last question. Mr.Prezidentcarried out election on October had gained a victory third times.

What successes do you think for Azerbaijan economic of this new era?

Mr. President IlhamAliyev having won the confidence of our people next time till 5 years leading in the selection for the development of our country and its blossom, either inside of Azerbaijan, also it means for the keeping stability in outside.

The President for the keeping of our state and independence stability and on the way of development with ideas of the National Leader HeydarAliyev keeping his words the head of state among the all countries could achiev its place and Azerbaijan influence in all over the world today.

Azerbaijan were has got a strong developed economics and management thehegenton states had to be agree under its compulsion. It is a result of tireless labourof Mr president Nat Azerbaijan day-bay-day becomes more beautiful and developed.

The well-known politics and lead of states already speaks about our country positively thoughts having one thousand international measures and competitions.

Mr.President “I will be a president of every Azerbaijani” where hiswords has found of its action activity either in economics or education, either health or culture and his care has been established for a every power state.

The participation Azerbaijan as a same juridical aspect in the thousand projects doing for the many finance suppressions is a strong economic benefit of our economic and results of knowledges and abilities of president IlhamAliyev.

Every year making good showings in economics Azerbaijan is able to left behind many countries and will blossom under the president`s leadership.

On the way of the development social-economic directions, for the economies and non-oil sector development giving an importance under the leadership IlhanAliyev the presidents will be carried on.

The year 2014 is an industrial year will be opened the new administrations and on the way of the activity will be a constant priority area.